Getting UEC With The Help Of Star Citizen Referral Code

Star Citizen is a combat computer video game which is developed on Amazon lumberyard and this is still an upcoming game. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system and it can be downloaded from its official RSI website. To play this game, a gamer needs an RSI account and if someone has referred you the link to play this game then you will get many benefits. When someone refers you this game then a code is attached with the link which helps in getting 5000 UEC.

What Is UEC In Star Citizen?

Star citizen is the popular game but there are many people who don’t know completely about it. If you are from those who don’t know much will get to know many things after reading this article. UEC stands for United Earth Credit and this is main currency of central core bank. The UEC is main the reason that human economy is stable; according to the game. Most of the people have confusion with Imperials but UEC is called as with the name imperials. There is no difference and Imperials are used in purchasing products provided in the game.

How To Get Star Citizen Referral Code?

If you are from area or location where people don’t play this game but you want referral code of star citizen then don’t worry. There are lots of websites which provide referral code and the benefit of using referral code is you get 5000 UEC in sign up. In order to get referral code, visit to avail it. The code is 12 digits code and now you can sign up with getting benefits. The better thing which you can do now is to invite your friends by sending the link and whenever they will sign up, you will get the benefit.