What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a free, vastly rich in feature, open-source eCommerce solution that you could use to operate stores via self-hosting or in the cloud. Currently, it is used by around 251,000 shops around the world.

hosting para prestashop is pretty simple. It offers a great receptive store interface for customers. It also provides a lot of different features. And on top of that, it is free.

Explore the demo store of PrestaShop if you like to have a quick look. The demo includes both a back-end dashboard management and front-end store.

PrestaShop contains a lot of amazing and top-end features. Here are some of them:

Self or Cloud Hosting

You could download the open source PHP code for self-hosting or you could sign-up in seconds for a free store.


The same as to the ThemeForest of Envato, PrestaShop provides a lot of different store feature for constructing the interface. This includes detailed search, navigation, and product listing.

Shopping Cart

PrestaShop incorporates with a lot of different providers for payment, tax rules, and major shipping lines.


The checkout systems and responsive stores of PrestaShop are very useful. For managing on-the-go, their back-end dashboards are very receptive.


PrestaShop offers catalog SEO incorporation and built-in product for maximizing the placement search. It also provides built-in email integration, promotions, coupons, and much more.


PrestaShop offers 66 language translations for your business store. It also includes flexible shipping and currency rules based on area. Its cloud dashboard administration is available in 8 languages namely, Dutch, English, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, and French.


PrestaShop provides a lot of different add-ons and themes, a directory for agency partners for hire and premium customer service if you require it. Assistance for launching your store is also available in PrestaShop.