Ways to improve the Balance of a Healthy Life and an Improved Physical Fit Body.

When planning your route to a healthier you and your family is joining you in this quest, always try to take in account your family’s habits and food and exercise preferences.  You should all plan and decide together what will work best for everybody.

3 Tips towards improving you and your Family’s Health and Physical Fitness Levels:

  1. A Healthy Diet: Healthy eating will help the body achieve and maintain better health.  A balanced diet that will provide all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your whole family need.

Follow the concept of ‘eating the rainbow’.  This basically means that the largest part of any plate of food should contain colorful vegetables or fruit.  Always choose whole grain carbohydrates and low-fat dairy products.  Any lean cut of meat will complement a balanced meal.

Avoid processed foods and foods high in sugar, salt, and saturated fats.  Fast food, instant sauces, and take-out-food, all contain hidden calories, fats, sugar, and salt.  Moderation is always a good measure of all things.

  1. Exercise and becoming more active is very important: If you are doing this as a family, decide together what will be best for you to do together.  You can take a walk in the park, play a game of catch or soccer or you can play a game of water polo in the pool.  If anybody feels they can fit in a personal workout, you do not need to all participate.
  2. Drink lots of water: All functions your body performs needs water.  The largest portion of your body consists of water.  Food digestion needs water.  All activity in your body cells needs water.  You need water to stay alive.  Again, avoid sugary drinks.  Also, avoid drinking alcohol in excess.

Always remember that enough sleep and relaxation is part of a healthy balanced life.  There should always be a healthy balance between work and play.