Why Using Christmas Stockings Is Important?

Christmas stocking is an empty sock or shaped bag which is generally hang up on the Christmas Eve by children and adults both. They hang it up so the Santa Claus fills their stocking with a lot of gifts. They are hung by the chimney with proper precautions. In case if there is no chimney, the individual hung it anywhere, it is believed that the Santa will find it.

The market is full with specially created stockings; a lot of stockings are available in the market with different patterns and styles. Still many of the family prefer to use personalised Christmas stockings; they use to design one of their own. They also put their names on it, so it would be easy for the Santa to know whose stocking is whose and they can fill it with gift accordingly.

Ways to personalise a stocking

  • The first thing an individual can do on the stocking is to put their name on it. A [person can do it with the help of sewing machine. A person good in calligraphy can use their skills for putting their name.
  • They can also personalise Christmas stocking by its attributes. They can sew a point outside the stocking for small gifts. There are many things available to decorate the stockings like pearls, rick-rack, and small beards. Addition of these small things enhances the glitter of a stocking.
  • A person can also personalise the stocking by giving it the shape of their hobbies, occupation. It can be designed in the way of a boot, etc. A female can be designed in the shape of nylon or buster.

Thus, a person can personalise the stocking in their own means. The stockings made up at home are made of good quality and its cost is also low as compared to if you tend to buy one from the market. The stocking can be easily used for years.