Trampoline Maintenance

A lot of trampoline owners don’t know the first thing in maintaining their trampolines. With just a simple maintenance procedure, the trampoline receives a good amount of protection from varying elements. Trampoline covers are practical protection for trampolines but the majority of which don’t come included with one so you might have to process a separate purchase. It may seem like a small and needless investment but they’re worth every penny and lengthens the useful life of the trampoline; access for more details.

General Maintenance and Care

Obviously, you have to keep the trampoline clean from dirt and debris. If you fail to regularly clean it and all kinds of dirt start accumulating, it can cause damage to the mat or even get squeeze in the springs. Just grab some soap and water, as for the brush use the ones with soft bristles to avoid any unwanted damage or scratches. Between cleanings, apply simple spray downs with just water, doing to keeps a dirt-free surface.

Another trivial fact that many owners tend to overlook is the proper placement; placing the trampoline in ideal areas maintains the brand new look for years. Go for the shady spots to protect the surface from any UV damage. Look out for low-lying branches or other items that can turn jumping into an unsafe activity. Take note, when you place the trampoline under a tree for shade, the entire cleaning process becomes even more tedious especially during early winter or fall.

It wouldn’t hurt to regularly check your trampoline, keep an eye out for any wear and tear as well as tension issues and sagging. The condition of the frame alongside the frame connections has to be consistently checked; are there any broken welds or is any part of the frame bent? Since the mat can sustain damage, keep an eye out for holes, rips and any fraying.