Tips for Renting a Car

Renting a vehicle could improve the suppleness of any road trip – be it leisure or business. This article shows the process of a car rental and offers several car rental Bucharest tips and car rental advice.

Finding the Correct Car Rental Shop

To help you look for the correct vehicle company for every trip, ask your ASTA travel agent. Various companies serve various cities all over the world. A travel agent could save you effort and time of contacting some various firms to look for the best car and rate for you. A travel agent also might be aware of special programs and promotional rates that might be endorsed to the general public.

The Costs of a Car Rental

Generally, car rental firms charge 4 kinds of regular rates – a promo that has mileage that’s free, a daily promo with unlimited mileage, a daily promo with restricted amount of free miles each day, and a daily promo with a mileage rate. The rates depend to the style and size of car buy almost every company rent deluxe, intermediate, compact, and economy vehicles. Oftentimes, special promotional rates are available during weekends. However, these must be request specifically in advance.

Car Rental Taxes

In addition to the charges and daily rental fee stated, taxes also are charged. Oftentimes, taxes add up to 10% up to 30 % in addition to the quoted rate for international car rentals. Also, international car rentals are subject to a potential VAT (Value Added Tax). At some several airport rental locations, several car rental companies might also charge a surcharge for the airport fee of around 11% of the rental fee in addition to the normal taxes.

Make sure that you read carefully the rental agreement to find out what the rental fee covers, potential limitations, and much more.