A Brief History of Film

One of the greatest concerns that people face nowadays is definitely where could one be able to watch english movies online free. While films have always been popular, the ways in which it has been produced, the kinds of films that were released to the public, and the like, have evolved through the decades. Now, we have webpages such as YouTube, Pluto TV, and Free Movies Cinema. But has it ever crossed your mind as to what our ancestors had back in the day? Here is a quick run-though of Film and its history.

Early Period 

Film production began in the 1890s, and most of the only films available were silent ones. Very little cinematic technique was being used, and films are extremely short. A set of realistic and moving photographs only began blossoming towards the end of the century. Motion pictures went on until the 1920s. To this point, film was usually just black and white.

The 1900s

From being a mere novelty, the movies at this point has become a large-scale, more commercial avenue for entertainment, despite the fact that developments were still underway. This was the time when motion pictures were already called films, with narratives and editing techniques already present.

The Maturation of the Film Industry

The maturation of film, and how it developed to how we enjoy movies nowadays was a long and tedious process. It managed to survive through two major world wars, with sound film eventually being introduced in the 1930s. There was a boom in Film in both America and Asia in the 1950s, and from this moment on, Film has become an integral aspect of a country’s culture, allowing it do develop, with the films adjusting to how the culture of a country evolves as well.