Tangle Free Way To Charge Your Samsung Device

We’re sure that you’ve experience using your Samsung device and noticing that the battery is almost used up, it’s time to whip out that charger. But before you can actually plug it in the socket and your device, you have to go through all the frustration and effort of untangling the cables. Every time it requires charging, it’s involves the same old process since the cables always manage to tangle themselves. Fortunately the brand has come up with the Samsung wireless charger as a way to get rid of all the possible tangles.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Available in white and black sapphire, this stylish charger is highly recommended for Qi-compatible devices and other Galaxy smartphones. There’s no more need to plug it in the socket  or your device, just place the device on the charging pad and it should  begin to charge; it’s that simple and easy. Take note that the Samsung wireless charging pad is certified by the WPC, Wireless Power Consortium and is compatible with a wide range of device; these devices include the Galaxy S4 to S6, Galaxy Note 3 to Note 5 and even the Note Edge.

The device can be fully charged in just 4 hours, it even comes with overload protection that counters possible damage. The size of the wireless charger is relatively small and takes up almost no desktop space at all and you can take it anywhere with you during travels. The built in Qi inductive Charging Technology is the main reason why we are able to eliminate the charging cable every time a device has to be charged. The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is able to provide wireless power whenever and wherever you need it. Using the device and taking calls while it’s charging won’t be an issue.