Advantages and Disadvantages of SMS White Label

Today, mobile marketing via SMS White Label is making waves and is turning to more predominant than internet marketing. You could send bulk SMS having the details about your venture or product together with the logo of the company to all potential clients. How would you decide about the potential clients?


To know about the mobile numbers of the client, you would ask for the help of the mobile service provider. At low cost, you purchase the bulk SMS messages. Then, you sell them at a higher price as a reseller. First, you send SMS about your service to a lot of mobile numbers and then cut the list depending on the interest shown by the client. Thus, you could attain a huge number of customers with a click of a button. According to studies, SMS White Label services has a success rate of 35%.

SMS White Label Solutions relate to SMS bulk whole sellers who endorse their own brands, have their own URL, and have their own SMS service website. This isn’t like a hosted service where a host firm offers these services for the reseller to endorse her brand name. SMS marketing has a huge reach, whatever way you look at. It is very well-known since the normal mobile handset diffusion is much bigger than the iPhones or Internet. Prospective clients are instantly contacted as soon as the firm is ready with the brochure and the product.

Great Flexibility

For SMS private label programs, there’s always 24/7 customer support. This lets you delete or include what you like and make improvements if it is needed. Promoting via SMS has good flexibility and it has the lead of instantly attaining the targeted customers. The disadvantage is that clients might not display interest in such endorsements.