HCG Complex And Its History

The person behind HCG Complex is a man named Dr. A. T. W. Simeons M.D who spent 40 years studying obesity and subsequently developed a theory that mainly involves hCG beyond the initial and natural state at pregnancy. Human Chorionic Gondadotropin or HCG is basically a hormone that naturally occurs in the body; pregnant women produce these hormones which aids the breaking down of body fat in order to provide adequate nutrients to the fetus. The said protocol has proved itself to be an important assets and is safe; side effects of HCG drops are almost nonexistent.

Phases of HCG Diet

Naturally unlocking a person’s excess fat deposits is how HCG Complex does its magic and for optimal results it should be partnered with the ideal diet plan for your body type. As you’re implementing the HCG Complex protocol, prepare for an incredibly limited calorie intake; specifically 500 calories worth of nutrient-rich and higher fiber food. The initial two days in an exception but avoid any food that’s high fat, sugar, oil and starch. Don’t worry, the full details that you need during the entire diet process is contained in a section of a website that’s exclusive to members; read up on recipe ideas and diet instructions.

We recommend taking the time to read the FDA disclaimer displayed at the bottom of the homepage. It basically says that HCG Complex was in no way intended to treat, cure and diagnose illness or even offer their medical advice. The people behind HCG Complex are in no way medical doctors, hence they do not prescribe medication in any way, shape or form. Any questions with regards to the relationship of supplements and nutrition should be entertained by qualified, relevant and licensed health practitioners; the opinions at HCG Complex are heavily based on research and literature by various doctors.