Check The Latest Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp is so popular; it brought an end to the Blackberry Messenger era and took over the market. This chatting app is convenient and fun to use especially when you know the handy tips and tricks such as updating your status that make it more interesting.

Just like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp needs a good phone and a strong network provider in order for users to get the most out of the new service it has launched. Considering how popular Facebook is, there would be a number of people who might just switch to the new messaging app from Whatsapp. It’s time to Blackberry and other messaging services to roll up their socks and get geared up for some fierce competition from Facebook. The Facebook messenger just needs a valid mobile number for users to start their services.

If you’re changing your number, you don’t need to reinstall the app. There’s a setting that enables you to do this. You can simply migrate your Whatsapp to a new number and still stay part of all the groups you were in on the previous number.

  1. Install Whatsapp On An Android Tablet

You can install the Whatsapp app on your tablet even if you can’t use it to call. This app can be downloaded from the play store. It’s a great way to use two numbers for Whatsapp.

  1. Whatsapp Chat Heads On Android

You can add the chat heads to your Whatsapp chat just like the Facebook messenger by simply downloading the Whatsapp chat head app. This is a fun app to use and enhances your chatting experience.

  1. Get Messaging Statistics On Android

This is a geeky app that also helps you keep an eye on your friend’s Whatsapp activities. You can check to see when your friend is most likely to be online. All you need to do is download the WhatSapp app.