Ways to Access Blocked Sites

In work places and schools, it is not uncommon that internet servers within its vicinity is barred from accessing certain websites. This is due to the belief that these sites do not contribute any productivity to the workplace, and as a matter of fact, take away much of the precious time that is needed for people to focus on their work, as these games can be addictive and could thus leave people glued to their screens for hours. Solutions to this blocking have been proposed, and one of these is unblockedgames500th.weebly.com. If you are on the lookout for other solutions then presented below are some of these.

Hola VPN

This is the perfect solution for those who are on the lookout for a free and secure VPN service. Hola VPN is a an extension that allows you to choose from a variety of servers which enable you to switch from one of the listed countries to another, which in turn would grant you access to certain cites. This also helps to provide internet that is faster and more open, and works on a county scale for sites banned by the government for access.


This is touted as one of the best in VPN apps, where access to restricted sites are granted, apart from VoIP applications. All sites can be accessed and encryption is one of the strongest, as a matter of fact, is much stronger than other banking standards. Traffic can also be de-congested through this app, as this network is optimized in nature.

Cyberhost VPN-Proxy for Chrome

With more than 5 million happy clients worldwide, this is one of the best, most-trusted providers for VPNs among chrome users. It comes with an AES-encryption of 256 bits, and all of the features you ought to expect from a VPN are here.