September 27, 2017


Improving your Health and Fitness Levels to Improve your Overall Enjoyment of a Long Life.

Ignoring the importance of good health and physical fitness, we leave ourselves open to diseases.  Not looking after your own and your family’s health, you can leave yourselves with a lowered immune system, which make contracting dangerous diseases much easier.  Diseases that can, ultimately, cause a shortened lifespan.

The absence of disease or infirmity does not automatically mean that you are healthy.  Health is a balance of mental and social well-being that includes physical fitness.

The body’s ability to function under all circumstances, and complete all tasks required of it daily, is considered the measure of its fitness.  A healthy body will be able to handle emergency situations, resist disease and through it, all, stays healthy.

Being healthy, and staying healthy is not so difficult to achieve.  If you need to make some lifestyle changes to work towards being healthier, remember, to always start out slow.  Changes can be difficult at first and putting yourself under too much pressure can make you quit altogether.

If you need to become more active, choose an activity that you enjoy.  You do not need to go to a Gymnasium or join the Off-road runners.  A brisk walk around your neighborhood, taking the dog with, will do wonders.